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relaxed – only 20 minutes away

Bodyscan is an exercise where the purpose is to train your attention on your body.
It is also very relaxing.
After 20 minutes, most of us is gently shifiting from beeing in a stress response into a more relaxed and calmed state of mind.

Download your audio

Press download and save it on your phone, so you have it available whenever you want to use it.


Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you have a lot on your mind?
Try to use this to see if it can help.

Do you need to unwind after work or before going to bed? Or simply relax and let the tensions in the body drop?
Lie down somewhere – on the couch, in bed or out in the grass.

Use some earphones if you like and take 20 minutes.
Do you have family or children and no available time? Take them with you.

The relaxation takes 20 minutes. Use it when you have the opportunity. Deep relaxation is a way to achieve “relaxation response” in the body and counteracts stress.

Do not use while driving a car!


Do you prefer to learn awareness and how to unwind with me 1:1, please check out this page  and if you want to be notified if I have more meditations in English leave your info here.

Interested in mind body health, relaxation, better sleep or tips to unwind? Or just having some fun 🙂
If so,  the facebook group live – love – enjoy will be great for you! It is in Norwegian most of it, but I believe facebook will translate that for you.
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